Taxis in Madrid: How to Get, Payment Options (+Tips)

Madrid is a world-class city with some of the best attractions and landmarks that Europe has to offer. 

Whether you are visiting Madrid for business or tourism, knowing how to get around is vital in making the most of your trip!

Although public transport options like buses and trains are ample in Madrid, finding your way through the city can get confusing. 

Depending on your means and if you are in a rush, riding in a taxi can be your best bet. 

If you are looking for information on taxis in Madrid, this guide gives a comprehensive overview of all the necessary guidelines to keep you prepared. 

It will ensure that you have a stress-free time commuting throughout your stay in the city and cover everything you need to know about:

  • Getting a taxi in Madrid
  • Taxi fares to expect
  • Payment options that are available
  • Top tips for taking taxis in Madrid.

Let’s get started!

How to Get a Taxi in Madrid?

Taxi in Madrid

With tens of thousands of taxis operating in Madrid, you’ll find no shortage in their availability to take you where you need to go at any given time and place. 

Official taxis in Madrid can be identified as white cars with the emblem of the city printed on a red diagonal stripe at the front door.

There are many ways to get a taxi in Madrid! It can be as simple as hailing one from the street to booking one in advance through taxi apps like MyTaxi and Uber.

Flag a taxi down on the street

If you see that there is a green light on the roof of the taxi, it means that it is free to give you a ride. All you have to do is raise your hand in its direction, and the taxi will stop where you are. 

Taxis in Madrid can be hailed at any location in the city if they are free, unlike other cities in Europe where you can only get a taxi through a taxi rank.

Get a taxi from a taxi stand

Taxi stands or taxi ranks are essentially queuing stations in different areas of the city. They can be found through a blue signpost with the letter ‘T’ on it and are prominently located around:

  • Bus Stations: Avenida de América and Estación Sur de Autobuses
  • Railways: Chamartín and Atocha 
  • Airport: MAD.

Call a radio taxi 

Aside from taxi ranks, you can also call for a taxi from a private taxi company or dispatcher. Just keep in mind that the meter will begin running and charge you as the taxi begins heading to your location.

Some of the most reliable radio taxi companies in Madrid are Euro Taxi, Tele Taxi, Radio-Taxi Independiente, and Radio-Taxi Asociación Gremial.

Book a taxi in advance through mobile apps

Over recent years, booking a taxi in Madrid through ridesharing apps has become a go-to option for transportation. Unlike taxi dispatchers, these mobile apps will only begin charging once you enter the taxi.

Some of the most popular services include MyTaxi / FreeNow, Star Taxi Mercedes, Bolt, pidetaxi, Uber, Join Up Taxi, Cabify, and TxMAD.

Taxi Fares in Madrid 

Traveling via Taxi in Madrid can cost more than other means of public transportation but is still a reasonable option if you have multiple luggage or it is raining. 

They are also more affordable compared to other cities in Europe and do not charge extra for pets or luggage.

Taxis in Madrid use a taximeter to charge you. Factors such as time, day, and distance can affect your fare, but a fixed rate of €30 is set for trips from Barajas Airport to Madrid City Center and vice versa.

As a measure to avoid overcharging, the government sets standardized price regulations to protect passengers from scamming. 

These official service rates are reviewed and updated annually during December by Madrid City Hall. Below is a table for reference:

RateTime and DayDistanceArrival and DepartureTariff
Rate 1Monday – Friday
7:00 am to 9:00 pm
Cost per km: €1.30Base fare: €2.50
Waiting time: €23.75 per hour 
Rate 2Daily (Night Tariff)
9:00 pm to 7:00 am
Cost per km: €1.50Base fare: €3.15
Waiting time:  €27 per hour 
Rate 3Daily All HoursCost per km: €1.30• From Airport to areas outside Madrid M-30
• Within 9.5 km of the airport
Base fare: €20
Waiting time: €23.75 per hour 
Rate 4Daily All Hours• From Barajas Airport to  the city center (M-30)Fixed rate: €30
Rate 5• For routes from the Joint Provision Area (APC) to destinations outside it
Rate 6• For routes from the Joint Provision Area (APC) to destinations outside it
Rate 7Daily All HoursCost per km: €1.30• From Taxi ranks at the Atocha and Chamartín railway stations
• From Taxi ranks at the Avenida de América and Sur Méndez Álvaro bus station
• From the IFEMA facilities
Base fare: €7.50
Waiting time: €23.75 per hour 

With the exception of Rate 4, Christmas and New Year’s Eve taxi rides from 9 pm to 7 pm will have a supplemental fee of €6.70.

What Are the Payment Options Available in Madrid Taxis? 

Another great thing about Taxis in Madrid is that there is a wide range of available payment options that are implemented.

Whether you go cash or cashless, you won’t find many issues paying for your fare when getting around the city. 

Debit and Credit Cards

Most taxis in Madrid are capable of receiving payments from travel debit cards like Wise and major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. 

Contactless Payments

Some taxis are even equipped with technology to accept NFC(Near Field Communication)-enabled cards or digital wallets like Apple Pay. 

If you were able to book a ride from a mobile app, you can also complete the transaction in the app itself by charging it to your credit card or PayPal account.

Cash (Euros)

However, in the event that the taxi’s POS isn’t functioning or they simply don’t have the means to receive cashless payments, having some euros on you is crucial!

Drivers are always required to carry change for at least €20, so remember to have smaller bills as a backup.

Tips for Taking Taxis in Madrid 

Although riding a taxi is a safe and convenient way of getting around Madrid, there is still the possibility of encountering various incidents and scams. 

For a smooth and enjoyable ride, here are some tips to ensure that you have the best experience:

  • Ensure the taxi has a visible ID and license – For your safety, take note of the plate number as well. These confirm that your driver is certified and an official operator
  • Confirm that the taxi meter is running – In case your driver forgot to start the taximeter, notify him or her immediately to avoid any mishaps with your fare
  • Ask for a receipt if needed – Whether you are paying in cash or otherwise, you can insist on getting a receipt for financial reference and proof of your transaction in that specific taxi
  • Carry small denominations of cash – To prevent any inconveniences, always have a backup of smaller Euros in case your drive does not have any change
  • Be aware of extra charges – Aside from a visible list that should be in the vehicle, keep a reference of the office service rates for taxis on your phone. Prices can vary depending on a multitude of factors, but there should be no extra charges for luggage
  • Know your destination address – As much as possible, have a reference for the route as well. Remember to have the exact address written down because not all taxi drivers in Madrid can speak English
  • Tipping is common but not mandatory – For taxis in Madrid, you are not obliged to give a tip to your driver. However, if you are pleased with their service, feel free to do so and they’ll certainly appreciate it!


What time do taxis stop running?

Taxis in Madrid operate daily from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. After these hours, taxis are still available, but there is a price increase.

Is it easy to get a taxi from Madrid airport?

Yes. Taxi ranks are located outside of the terminals and they are the most convenient way to travel to the city center.

Do taxis in Madrid take credit cards?

Yes. Almost all taxis in Madrid are equipped to accept credit card payments. Just remember to have some euros in small bills as a backup!

How much is a taxi from Madrid airport to the city center?

Taxis charge a fixed price of €30 from Madrid airport to the city center.

Are taxis available at Madrid airport?

Yes. Regardless of the day or time, taxis will be present at the different taxi stands in the airport.

Do you tip taxis in Madrid?

Taxi drivers in Madrid do not expect tips. However, if they were helpful and you were pleased with their service, you can tip them 1 or 2 euros.

Do taxis in Madrid take cash?

Yes. Taxis in Madrid are able to accept payments in cash, credit, or contactless payment.

Is it better to use a taxi or Uber in Madrid?

It depends on your means and accessibility. However, taking a taxi from Madrid International Airport to the city center is the better choice due to price and convenience.

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