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Aria Jiménez Mendoza
Aria Jiménez Mendoza

Meet Aria Jiménez Mendoza, the visionary behind Fringe Madrid, the go-to resource for anyone looking to explore the heart and soul of Spain’s vibrant capital city. With a passion for Madrid’s eclectic fringe culture, Aria has dedicated herself to bringing you the best of this magnificent city.

At Fringe Madrid, we believe that the real magic of Madrid lies in its hidden gems. That’s why we go above and beyond to uncover the city’s most unique and captivating experiences, from underground art shows to secret speakeasies. We’re not your average travel guide – we’re your ticket to discovering Madrid’s beating heart.

With our finger on the pulse of the city’s thriving creative scene, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. Whether you’re a local looking to expand your horizons or a curious traveler seeking adventure, Fringe Madrid has got you covered. Our team of passionate locals is dedicated to making your time in Madrid, one step at a time, an unforgettable one.

So come on in, make yourself at home, and let us show you what makes Madrid so unique. From the stunning architecture of Gran Via to the magnetic energy of Chueca, Fringe Madrid is your ultimate guide to the heart and soul of Spain’s most vibrant city.

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